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Steven und Mariah hatten sich seit lange...


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Role as Carol

I live in Los Angeles and Im currently s...

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Ich bin viel unterwegs und würde es gern...




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Welcome to Most Expensive Sex.

10.09.09 00:00

The Internet platform for directors and producers: Film Academy

Cast your actors, choose the location and produce one or more scenes of Most Expensive Sex, post your personal director’s cut on the web and take part in this way in a unique experiment – an open source film.

08.09.09 00:00

The Internet platform for musicians, songwriters and experimenters with sound: Sound Studio

Compose the music, write a song or create a sound for Most Expensive Sex and post your creation on the web (video, MP3 file, photo, copy). That way you'll make Most Expensive Sex the music portal for young talent.

07.09.09 00:00

The Internet platform for actors and models: Casting Agency

Identify with a character in the Most Expensive Sex script, pick a scene, play the scene through and have yourself filmed in the process. Register your personal particulars, upload your video and photos – that's how you'll demonstrate your virtuosity to best advantage. The Casting Agency is open to all film producers, photographers and advertisers who are on the lookout for new talent.


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Film Academy